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About Study Randomizer

Simple, effective software for trials

Study Randomizer was made to make trial design, randomization, and enrollment simpler. Our goal is to make software solutions to simplify complex workflows.

Study Randomizer is developed by Phase Locked Software from The Netherlands. We work with customers on all continents, except Antartica (at least up to now). Our team is project based and flexible.

We combine software development and research to help our customers. For example, Study Randomizer allows simplified randomization in medical trials. Our software has helped thousands of users.

How to cite Study Randomizer

Please cite Study Randomizer when you use it in a study or trial. For example you can write:

Study randomization was done through Study Randomizer (2017), a web based randomization service.

and cite it as:

Study Randomizer [Software Application]. (2017) Available at: